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For DoorDash, 2020

Envision the DoorDash product experience for the Australia market

Product Vision

For Springboard, 2019

To design a chrome extension for Springboard students to help them with their job search


Drag & Drop Editor

For Mailmodo, 2021-2022

To redesign the entire drag and drop AMP editor of Mailmodo, an email marketing tool.

For DoorDash, 2020

To increase the awareness and visibility of the group order feature on the DoorDash app

Group order food

For ExtraaEdge, 2019-2020

Revamp the visual design of Extraaedge mobile app for university admission counsellors

Lead tracking app

User Experience

I believe the design process is as important as the output and finding the right problem is tougher than designing a solution.

I have worked on web and mobile apps. The projects were either a new feature or a complete new product or a redesign. I have the experience and the skill to undertake the design to completion by collaborating with project Managers, product designers and developers.

Janhavi's Portfolio

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